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Mon-Sat 8AM-12AM, Sun 8AM-9PM



The QLINE has 12 stops from Downtown to Grand Blvd with access to museums, sports and performance venues, and many of Detroit’s favorite restaurants, retail and bars.

Our current hours of operation are as follows:
Monday – Saturday: 8AM – 12AM
Sunday: 8AM – 9PM

The QLINE is piloting complimentary service with activity along the Woodward Corridor returning.

The QLINE arrives every 15 minutes or less.

When waiting at a QLINE station, stand clear of the platform edge and wait for the streetcar to come to a complete stop. Once the doors open, let others disembark before boarding. On the streetcar, press the blue “stop request” button to signal that you want to stop.

The QLINE offers station-level access for persons who use mobility assistance devices such as wheelchairs. Bicycles and strollers are also easy to bring aboard and store on the QLINE. Reserved areas for disabled and elderly riders are marked in the center of the streetcar.

The QLINE has a portion of dedicated lane near Little Caesars arena, southbound at Temple to the I-75 service drive. Along the rest of the route, the QLINE route is mixed with traffic.

Monitors at the QLINE stations provide real-time arrival information. The Transit App also tracks QLINE’s location and expected arrival times, along with other modes of transit as part of its trip planning.

  • All operators and passengers are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings in accordance with TSA policy.
  • Social distancing is encouraged on the streetcar.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed on each streetcar.
  • Disinfection of common surfaces on station platforms and on streetcars occurs on a daily basis.

The QLINE streetcars are temperature controlled during all seasons and stations are heated when temperatures are below freezing.

The QLINE has complimentary Wi-Fi at stations and aboard the streetcar.

QLINE stops at station stops where passengers are waiting to board or when riders push the blue “stop” button aboard the streetcar.

No transfers or fare are required to ride the QLINE at this time.

Download our full FAQ sheet.

Download the FAQ

Need access to work on the track? Download the Track Access Permit.

Track Access Permit



Lisa is a dedicated transit advocate and QLINE rider. Of course, she is also our president. Here are some recent responses to riders during her last Ask Lisa session conducted across our social media platforms.

We’re happy to have installed the first transit-only lane in 2021 – it’s been a big help in reducing blockages due to heavy traffic for streetcars and buses alike. Given this success, we are actively exploring other stretches of roadway for transit vehicles only. Stay tuned!

We hear you! Over the next few months, we will install technology at key intersections that will streamline travel for transit along Woodward. We also continue to work with @Detroit_TMC and @MDOT_MetroDet to tweak signal timing for more efficient movement of streetcars.

Blockages on the alignment continue to be the primary contributor of service delays. Soon, we’ll have the ability to tow vehicles off the alignment ourselves, and improvements such as the dedicated transit lane and transit signal priority are helping to limit delays.

We hope to extend our hours soon! While that’s unlikely to happen during this particularly intense wave of COVID, we are closely monitoring activity along the Woodward corridor so that we can ramp up our service accordingly.

We hope so! The QLINE was always intended to inspire additional investments in transit in Detroit and the region. Let us know where you’d like to see additional service, and let your local officials know, too!



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