Are local construction and material supply companies working on the streetcar project?
Have the streetcars been purchased?
How can I find out the latest information about the project?
How does the streetcar project differ from the Detroit People Mover?
How much does it cost to operate the streetcar?
How much will it cost to transfer from M-1 to a DDOT or SMART bus?
How will existing bus service along Woodward Avenue be affected by the streetcar?
How will I get to the Rosa Parks Transit Center from the streetcar?
How will I know when the streetcar will stop when I am driving/riding behind it?
How will the streetcar be coordinated with the Woodward Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project?
How will the streetcar impact cyclists?
How will the streetcar operate during special events?
How will the Woodward Bridge over I-75 be impacted by streetcar construction?
How will the Woodward Bridge over I-94 be impacted by streetcar construction?
Wasn’t the rail line supposed to travel 9-miles?
What are the economic benefits of a streetcar system?
What are the hours of operations and how often will it run?
What did you find were the main environmental impacts in the EA?
What does it cost to build the streetcar?
What happens when a vehicle or bus breaks down in front of the streetcar or parks in the streetcar lane?
What is a modern streetcar?
What is being done to help businesses during construction?
What is M-1 RAIL?
What is the advantage of having a streetcar in mixed-traffic versus a traditional bus?
What is the projected ridership?
What type of work is MDOT doing for the construction of the streetcar line?
What will be the travel time between the Congress/Larned and Grand Boulevard stations?
What will it cost to ride the streetcar?
When will the M-1 RAIL streetcar be operational?
Where is parking available when construction activities are occurring on Woodward Avenue?
Who created M-1 RAIL and why?
Who is expected to ride the streetcar?
Why invest in a modern streetcar?
Why was a Supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) necessary?
Will bicycles be able to travel along Woodward Avenue during construction?
Will bus service (DDOT and SMART) be disrupted during construction?
Will construction occur during holidays?
Will emergency vehicles have a hard time navigating the construction on Woodward Avenue?
Will pedestrians be able to use the sidewalks to get to local businesses?
Will people with disabilities be able to ride the streetcar?
Will special events be impacted by the construction of the streetcar line?
Will streetside parking be permitted during construction?
Will the cross streets on Woodward Avenue be open to vehicular traffic?
Will the People Mover be operational during construction?
Will the streetcar be extended? How do we get farther north?
Will the streetcar be side-running or center-running?
Will the streetcar operate year-round, even during winter snow events?
Will the streetcar travel through my community?
Will the streetcar vehicles have drivers?
Will the streetcars operate on-wire or off-wire?
Will there be a lot of construction barriers restricting traffic without work taking place?
Will there be a place where I can receive updated information about construction and the M-1 RAIL project?
Will there be meetings held to provide updates about M-1 RAIL?
Will there be security at the stations and/or on the streetcar?
Will traffic on I-75 be impacted during construction of the streetcar?
Will traffic on I-94 be impacted during construction of the streetcar?
Will vehicle access be restricted to businesses and residential properties along Woodward Avenue?
Will Woodward Avenue completely shut down to vehicular traffic during construction?

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