Getting Schooled: Safety First!

Posted: 08/26/16

It’s that wonderful time of year again when commercials show the sheer joy parents of K-12 children have at the mere thought of sending their bundles of joy off to school for eight full  hours! It’s also the start of the journey into adulthood for college students around the country. Starting next week, the Woodward Corridor will begin to see the return of students of all ages to the Woodward Corridor. With the earliest of learners walking hand in hand with caregivers to one of the over 15 corridor early education centers to the 27,000 college students who will take over the campuses of both Wayne State University and Center for Creative Studies, it’s time for a few safety reminders.

Woodward is still an active construction site

Woodward will continue to have major mainline construction until late Fall. As such there will continue to be a number of street closures, land reductions and traffic shifts taking place. As this process comes to end, there will continue to be lane drops in effect so construction crews can continue installing station and systems elements. Remember that as a motorist the reduced speed limit along Woodward is 25 miles per hour which protects everyone from construction workers and all users of the corridor.

Maintenance of Traffic Controls

If you see an orange and white barrel, bike fencing, type three barricades at the end of a block, remember it’s there for your protection. These Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) safety devices are in place to ensure the safe passage of all who traverse the corridor. As Woodward is still under construction for the streetcar and the MDOT roadway reconstruction project, there areas where sidewalk and curb lanes are still being installed resulting in uneven roadway grades, wet concrete that is curing and other work. While an area may look like it should be accessible, but it is barricaded by MOT, we ask that you remember to respect the barricade and use the pedestrian and vehicle detours that are signed.

Pedestrian Detours

With the return of students to school campuses throughout the corridor our streets will once again become busier than ever. When walking to classes or even to your favorite business, you may approach a crosswalk closure as we work to complete construction. There will be signed detours, to guide you to the next safest place to cross the street and access your destination. While many times these detours may take you a block out of the way, M-1 RAIL is required by state laws to direct pedestrians to the next signaled intersection to cross to maintain safety standards. Additionally, there are a number of ADA pedestrian accessible bridges along the site to allow access to the East and West sides of Woodward wherever possible.

Bus Access

Bus service for both Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) and Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) will continue along Woodward Avenue as it has through the remainder of the construction period. Both transportation systems may occasionally move stops to ensure the safety of passengers during this time. For the most up to date information on route and stop changes please contact DDOT at 313- 933-1300   and SMART at 866- 962-5515. When busses are conducting passenger pick up and drop off, please do not pull around them. Often times there may be passengers crossing the street to access the bus or who are attempting to access the other side of the roadway.

To keep up with the latest progress on M-1 RAIL and more safety tips, please visit our website at www.m-1rail.com or follow us on Facebook.

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